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What to Expect from the Process

Personal injury lawsuits in Columbus, OH
Columbus injury lawsuit — before and after you file

Before you decide to file an injury lawsuit, your lawyer will likely try to negotiate with the insurance companies. If this is done, it is because it is in the best interest of your claim to avoid lengthy trial litigation.

Your attorney will present a demand letter for your damages that states who is responsible for your injuries and the amount of compensation necessary for your losses. The ball is really in the insurance company’s court here — how they react will determine whether or not you will file a personal injury lawsuit in Columbus, Ohio or another county in central Ohio.

It is not uncommon for negotiations to swing back and forth between the vested parties at this stage. A substantial settlement can be reached in this manner, and a good attorney will be looking to help the client reach a settlement without expensive litigation fees.

If, after negotiation, a proper settlement agreement cannot be reached, it is time to go to court.  Your attorney will begin prepping your case:

  • Jury selection
  • Pre-trial hearings
  • Depositions
  • Witness testimony
  • Reviewing evidence
  • Formulating argument strategies

It is wise to sit back and let your attorneys do the work they are trained for at this stage. A good attorney will keep you informed of your rights and case developments, and adequately prepare you for what to expect during litigation.

Reaching a settlement
Be patient in matters concerning your Columbus personal injury settlement. A favorable settlement is often the result of months or even years of hard work and litigation.

Clients are typically very eager to receive their personal injury settlements — particularly soon after they have been injured. We advise people to wait as long as it takes, so that the full extent of your damages can be accounted for in a settlement.

When a settlement has been signed by both parties, it typically binds the plaintiff from seeking any further legal recourse for damages. It is devastating to negotiate a settlement only to have permanent disabilities surface after the ink has dried.

Reaching a settlement is one of the last milestones in the legal process. It marks the end of a long sought-after goal and the beginning of a new life with the resources to manage your damages.