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Ohio Personal Injury Laws

The tenets of Ohio personal injury law protect the victims of accidents and other misfortune against the negligence of others. This means that when a victim in central Ohio is injured as a direct result of someone else’s negligent conduct, the negligent party can be held legally responsible.

Negligent conduct is often unintentional and, unfortunately for the victim, typically avoidable. It can be hard to live with an injury that did not have to happen — and this is a just reason to turn to the protection of an injury lawyer.

Ohio negligence law is used to file claims and recover damages for injured victims. It compensates victims for the negligence of others of others by providing a legal means to collect monetary settlements as a form of repercussion for negligent liability.

Working with personal injury laws
The attorneys of Mularski, Bonham, Dittmer & Phillips, LLC use Ohio negligence laws to see victims justly compensated for losses. Our firm relies on years of experience handling complex personal injury claims:

  • Auto accidents
  • Dangerous premises
  • General negligence
  • Medical malpractice
  • Products liability
  • Trucking accidents
  • Wrongful death

We understand the rules of evidence, contributory and comparative negligence, and how to present a case based on facts that tells the compelling true story of your accident and injury.

Let our attorneys build your case to reach the shared goal of seeing you obtain just resources to compensate you for your damages.

Accident liability
Personal injury in Ohio and the surrounding areas is a common consequence of serious accidents that occur every day. Some accidents are the direct result of the negligent actions of others:

  • Car wrecks caused by drivers distracted by cell phones
  • Slip and falls on poorly maintained property
  • Dog bites from unsupervised pets
  • Failure to repair a faulty stoplight
  • Malfunction of ill-designed safety equipment
  • Side-effects of improperly tested pharmaceuticals
  • Failure to warn patients of medical risks

As the law sees it, no one has the right to intentionally or unintentionally cause others harm. Accident liability laws are used to make legal decisions concerning fault, negligence and liability factors in accidents.

A good Ohio injury attorney knows how to uncover the right fault and liability factors that will help prove your accident & injury claim. Our attorneys rely on experience and legal ability to find the right kind of evidence to help convince a judge or jury of the cause and long-term effects of your personal injury in Columbus or central Ohio.

Filing your claim
Mularski, Bonham, Dittmer & Phillips, LLC advises people to seek legal help for personal injuries. A personal injury attorney provides valuable legal counsel to help you understand your rights and potential settlement value when filing your claim.

Insurance companies often move very quickly to settle claims out-of-court. They do this to avoid the legal cost of litigation and, often, to reach lower settlements with victims not aware of the full value of their damages.

One of the most valuable services our attorneys provide is assessing the total value of our client’s claim, including:

  • Sum total of all medical fees, emergency care, surgeries, on-going treatment, medications, equipment, etc.
  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional trauma and damages
  • Lost wages and potential earnings
  • Loss of consortium
  • Permanent disability
  • Diminished quality of life

We calculate all of these factors and many others when negotiating settlements for personal injuries.

It is possible to reach an adequate settlement out-of-court, but you will want an experienced attorney to represent you to preserve your best interest.

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