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How can you start forming a nonprofit the right way?

If your goal is to form a nonprofit, then you need to make sure you understand the laws that apply to that goal. Nonprofits are great businesses, usually because those who start them want to see a change happen in the world. There are steps to take before you can formally launch your business, though.

Following a simple list of steps is the best way to make sure you don't miss anything when setting up your nonprofit. Here are three steps you need to take first when you're getting started.

Stay safe this winter with these 3 winter-weather tips

With the snow coming down, now is a good time to talk about driving safely in winter weather conditions. Nestled closely to Columbus, Gahanna doesn't always get the lake effect of Northern Ohio. However, snow is still common, and with the busy highways and local streets, you have to be cautious when on the roads.

People can take several steps to avoid injury in wintry weather. Here are three things to do before you head out on the roads.

Are you able to make changes to an existing will?

Have you been experiencing several changes in your life recently and are wondering how you can incorporate these changes in an established will? If you would like to change your will, you should be happy to know it is not hard to do but it does require certain steps to be taken. One thing you will need to decide on is if you want to make changes to your existing will or start over brand new. 

Common warning signs that divorce could be possible

Are you worried that your marriage has taken a bad turn? Do you get the feeling that things are so bad they cannot be fixed? If so, it might be that divorce is headed your way. How can you truly know? For starters, there are some glaring signs you need to be aware of in your marriage that almost always point to the couple getting a divorce.

If you have shut yourself down emotionally, then it might be time to explore a divorce. Your emotional needs are no longer being met by your spouse and vice versa. Emotional intimacy is an important part of any relationship. When you can no longer rely on your spouse for this, then it may be time to move past the marriage.

Important tips for the moments following a car accident

Finding yourself involved in a car accident is never easy. No matter the amount of property damage or injuries, you will likely be stressed and worried about what will come next Should you ever be involved in a car accident, you need to know the steps you should take in the moments immediately following it so you don't hurt your chances of recovering compensation.

If the vehicle is not too damaged, you should move it off the road when it is safe to do so. This is important because it gets you out of harm's way. Oncoming drivers might not slow down or might not see you until it is too late.

Should I contest my parent's will?

If you were left out of a parent's estate, it can be an especially crushing blow. Since your mom or dad is now deceased, there's no way for you to ask them why you were slighted in such a way. This frustration can preclude closure and lead to disinherited children mounting will contests against their siblings.

Is it prudent to contest your parent's will? It might be if the estate is sizable. However, some individuals are so angry that they elect to mount expensive will challenges over paltry estates. They wind up spending far more on legal costs than they could ever recover.

Can divorce help you get better at parenting?

Parenting after divorce is often portrayed as chaotic and difficult. While it does have its challenges, the reality is that it can actually help you become an even better parent than you were before.

One man noted that his marriage was really stressing him out before the divorce, as the relationship fell apart. He constantly felt that tension in his home.

The majority of Americans are woefully unprepared for retirement

A report issued by the National Institute on Retirement Security, a nonprofit think tank located in Washington D.C., has revealed that the economic recovery following the 2008 recession has substantially impacted retirement savings. The study found that 57% of working Americans are without any type of retirement savings, whether through an employer’s 401K plan, a personal account, or pension plan. Four out five Americans have less than one year’s salary saved for retirement. These findings show that the majority of Americans are woefully unprepared for retirement.

What should you do when it is foggy out on the roads?

Reduced visibility can create major safety challenges for drivers. One type of weather that can greatly cut down on driver visibility is fog. So, drivers may understandably get nervous when it is foggy out during their commute.

Can I sue the bar for a drunk driving accident?

Despite the public's continuous warnings about the dangers of drunk driving, Ohio still receives a substantial amount of fatal crashes that result from driving under the influence. While intoxicated drivers are liable already for their negligent actions, there may be another person at fault who was not in the car with them.

Drunk drivers have to get their alcohol from somewhere. Many clients wonder if they can hold a bar owner or employee liable for damages and personal injury if they were the source of the driver's intoxication. While it is not a straightforward process, it is possible to do so. It is vital to understand how you can find a bar worker liable for a drunk driving accident if you want compensation for any major damages you received from the incident.

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